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After winning the huge first prize, there are too many fantasies about life on the radio and newspapers. In a country where the job market is weak and still fearful of recession, this dream is even stronger.American Chinese Net report: According to Dai Zh

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000 rupees, the value of the third prize is 500 rupees. The fourth prize is fixed at 250 rupees, followed by the fifth prize at 120 rupees. You can also win a consolation prize worth 1,000 rupees. However, if you do not win any prizes today, the West Beng

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The U.S. introduces a new lottery system for presidential candidates to buy lottery ticketsCorrecting these two databases may take more time. For Winhunter, this is the Canadian Lotto6/49 data (within the total range, you have the number of times you took

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81-year-old man was gullible about winning the lottery and was tricked into selling a house for 2.48 million to pay off debts (Figure)The probability of a huge prize of 148 million for poor couples is one in 110 million (Figure)The International Associati

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States should directly run their lottery programs... The states that issue lottery tickets are now being deceived by these large issuers. They hardly get 10 to 2 billion rupees in income, while our annual income in Kerala is close to 40 billion rupees. Ac

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